The Beginning of Your Career in 3 Steps, pt.2

Have you ever thought of having a hair care business but you’re always being halted by your doubts as to the fact that you haven’t experienced running a barbering business yet?

Well, sit back and relax as Barberpreneur Podcast leads you the way towards the crown!

We talk about educating ourselves here in this episode, especially in terms of the techniques, as well as the where-to’s and how-tos of having your own barbershop.

From tips to resources, we all got that covered! All you have to do is take time to dive into the world of barberpreneurs and be one of these cool guys later on!

What you will learn from this episode:

  • Find out why educating yourself – especially with the techniques – is a must when wanting to become a barber;

  • Understand how beneficial YouTube, barber shops, and barber schools are in one’s journey towards starting a barbering career; and

  • Discover the three most influential barber mentors to follow in Youtube

Topics Covered:

00:33 – Talking about who this episode is for

01:27 – The first step: The importance of educating yourselves

02:45 – Why you should educate yourself in the technique

03:06 – How powerful YouTube is in educating people

04:13 – The three most influential barbers in social media to look up to

06:13 – Learn locally: Where to go when you can’t find someone to educate you

07:56 – Enrolling yourself in a barbering school

09:09 – The story of a friend named Freddie who went to a cosmetology school

11:46 – Summarizing today’s points

12:17 – Check out the podcast and join us in fun and interactive courses

Key Takeaways:

“YouTube has all the help that you need to get started. There’s no need for fancy colleges. None of them. YouTube has great educators for free. You will learn things there that they don’t teach you in school, and that even mentors or barbers around you won’t teach you.”

“Going to college, going to barber school, will teach you a bunch of stuff. You’d gotta feel like you’re wasting a lot of time in barber school; they’d B.S. you a lot. There’s a lot of non-important stuff that you need to do, but promise you, the repetitive stuff that you do will come in handy in the long run.”

“The more time that I dedicated to it, the more I fell in love with what I’m doing, the more I fell in love with the journey, the process, and the more I fell in love with my baby. That course is my baby.”

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