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Barber Coaching

Level up your profession by getting personalized career help.

  • 30 minutes
  • 100 US dollars
  • Zoom Call

Service Description

Some of us are just starting out, others have been at it for quite some time. The thing that we both have in common is that we can be even better than what we already are. The first step is to look at the ground you're standing on, your skills, your environment, your services, Once we identify where you stand, its time to ask ourselves a question. What kind of barber do you want to be? -Celebrity Barber -$100 Barber -Educator -Influencer -Platform Artist -Shop Owner There's a lot of smoking mirrors in our industry, a lot of flashy barbers confuse people into ignoring the amount of business-minded work behind the scenes. You can post work that looks just as good as elite barbers, but for some reason, you won't automatically get the same results. This is where we struggle to understand what the next step is, but with our Coaching System, you will get personalized help to figure out exactly what your next level is, so you can stomp the next step into your barbering career. Our coaching call is a thorough analysis of your career, our coaching system consists of the following. -Portfolio Consultation -Environment/Setting Analysis -Services Assessment -Future Goals Conversation -Actionable Career Steps -Preparation For Follow Up Call This is the most career-specific help in the market, you do not have to continue your career just aimlessly cutting hair until your back gives you, this is an investment that's cheaper than clippers but can give you massive returns on your investments. This call is tax deductible, you can file it at the end of the year and get your money back, and you have our personal guarantee, if this call isn't a success, we will give you your money back. Book today and elevate your career,